Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great Easter! We had lunch with some members here who have a daughter in the MTC. They are so great. There are so many wonderful members here who take good care of the missionaries. Church was great. The choir sung some Easter hymns I hadn't heard before.

We had a lot of miracles this week. One thing that I am learning is that exact obedience brings miracles.

We met a woman and her daughter in the park on Tuesday. They weren't planning on being there, but they felt like they should go. We were able to teach them about the gospel and how it can bless their family. We hadn't planned on being in that park either, but both of us were led there because, she felt, they needed the message that we shared with them.

We've been seeing a little more wildlife with the advent of spring. Mostly mosquitos, but we did see a school (herd, group?) of dolphins at the Bayou! Lizards everywhere. It's been great.

Missionary challenge of the week: go find someone to serve! Service is a great way to learn to love others the way Christ loves us.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Brittany Hunt

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Easter Week!

Hello everybody!

I went on an exchange to St. Pete on Wednesday and Thursday this week. It was really fun to get another perspective on some of the things we do daily as missionaries. We were walking around a pond showing the 2 minute #Hallelujah video to people. A couple different people told us they didn't have time to watch it because they were on their breaks. It's normal for people to say don't have time because they're working or on their way to work, so this was kind of a funny surprise! Gotta stick to that break schedule.

I saw two alligators this week! We saw the back of one last Monday night, and I saw the eyes and snout of another while I was on the exchange. Apparently there are more than I thought, they're just good at hiding.

Last night, we had a lesson with a family. The father was in a lot of pain because of some physical health challenges. I felt prompted to ask if he wanted to receive a priesthood blessing. He had chills when we explained it to him. We called over a priesthood holder, and he was given the blessing. The Spirit was so strong in their home.

I decided to read about Palm Sunday from Luke 19 yesterday. I read about Zaccaeus, who climbed up a tree to be able to see Jesus. When the Savior passed by, He looked up and called Zaccaeus by name. The Savior knows each of us by name and notices our efforts to come to Him. Go and read the chapter if you get a chance!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and remember the sacrifice and miracle for which we celebrate.


Sister Brittany Hunt

(Pictures: Book of Mormon class in St. Pete; Sisters Morgan, Hunt, Minson, and Judkins on "St. Pete"ric's Day)

Monday, March 7, 2016

One Month!

Hello everybody!

The question I have asked my trainer more than any other question is "is this how it usually is?" ...I'm starting to think that there is no such thing as an average day.

I hit my one month mark this week! We celebrated with ice cream (twice! we were off by a day the first time).

One fun thing that happened this week was when both my companion and I got to use the languages we studied in high school. We went to go contact someone, but a deaf man answered the door, so I was able to use ASL. A little later, Sister Minson got to speak Spanish with a woman we met street contacting.

The most rewarding part of missionary work is when those you teach start to understand for themselves. We were meeting with one of our investigators, and we could tell that her whole countenance had changed since the last time. It is so incredible to see how the Spirit teaches people. Even though she is no less busy, it is clear she has more peace in her life.

Good news! I got my iPad all set up, so I have pictures! Here's one of Sister Minson and I. 

Have a great week!
Sister Brittany Hunt