Monday, April 17, 2017


Hello Everyone!

This week was transfers. We drove two hours up to Tampa to get Sister Alder and drop off Sister Felt's luggage in Sarasota on Tuesday, Sister Alder and I drove back Wednesday, and Thursday we drove back up and down to swap out mission cars. So road trips have been fun.

Just before the first trip up, Sister Felt and I had a great lesson with an awesome family we've been working with. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and the mom was able to teach her daughters more about the significance of Christ visiting the people here in the Americas. One of the daughters picked for herself a date to be baptized. We're all pretty excited.

I'll miss Sister Felt a lot, but it's fun to be companions with Sister Alder! Not very many missionaries get to be companions with friends from high school, so the ward has got a kick out of that. We're using it to our advantage to work harder and support each other's teaching better. 

We had a really good Easter. We didn't have a basket so we used a mixing bowl instead. Sister Alder and I sang "Christ the Lord has Risen Today" at the ward Easter Brunch. I love the message of this holiday, that Christ died for us and rose again, and because He did, we can live again. If anyone hasn't had a chance to watch "Prince of Peace" on yet, go watch it! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sister Brittany Hunt

Monday, April 10, 2017


Hello Everyone! 

I realize I haven't written a group email in a while. I've been in Venice this last transfer (I went from the northernmost sister area to the southernmost sister area) with Sister Felt, who I served with in Tampa 2. 

We just got transfer news today! I will be staying here in Venice and Sister Felt will be transferring to Sarasota and training a new sister. I will be companions with Sister Alder!

We had a pretty good week. A lot of people we've been working with came to church. 

I am super excited about the Easter video the church put out, "Prince of Peace." I encourage you all to watch it and share it! It's at the top center of right now. It is all about how Christ brings us peace. There are other things connected to the video (principles of peace) including videos and scriptures about forgiveness, compassion, prayer, etc. I've been studying the scriptures suggested for each in context of the chapter referenced (many are out of the New Testament, about the Savior's life) and as I have been doing that, I have been learning more about how to develop those traits myself. I especially loved studying about forgiveness. I have been impressed that even though Jesus Christ had many opportunities to react to His circumstances around Him, He never gave in, and turned outward to help others even when hard things happened in His personal life.  

We've been sharing this video a lot. We went to contact a media referral (people who request online  a visit from missionaries) who turned out to be more interested in telling us what we think is wrong than in hearing what we think, and knocked on doors in his area afterward. We got talking to some people who were fixing a house, and after a minute one of them invited us to come talk to his daughter. We shared the Prince of Peace video with her, and it really touched her. We told her that the same church and gospel Christ established has been brought back. She felt the Spirit and agreed to meet us for a tour of the church building the next day. During the tour, we showed her a picture of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane next to a picture of Christ after He rose again and talked with Mary when she came to visit His seplecure. She asked when He rose again and we taught about the Resurrection. We testified that He really died for her and rose again for her. The Spirit was strong and confirmed that what we said was true. 

Another highlight- we got to teach mutual! We showed the young women how to share the video and other messages from church that are meaningful to them. It was a lot of fun. 

I hope you all have a good week and a Happy Easter!


Sister Brittany Hunt