Monday, December 12, 2016


Hello Everyone!

This week, we had some fun reminders that Christmas is around the corner! The Relief Society had a white elephant gift exchange, and we brought our friend Sherry, who we've been teaching. I got a candle, Sister Durrant got a plaque, and Sherry got a lovely cow hoof flask...   But it was fun :) 

I am staying in Tampa 2 again!

We got to go with Lorraine to the family history center. She is so excited to start her family history, especially so she can bring her family names to the temple and be baptized on their behalf. 

Church was awesome yesterday! The primary kids sang a couple Christmas songs in Sacrament meeting. I was especially touched by these lyrics: "Hosanna! Hosanna! Oh, let us gladly sing. How blessed that our Lord was born; let earth receive her King!" I am so grateful for this time of year that we get to remember that Christ was born, and that because He came to the world and did all that He promised to do, we can rely on Him.

Merry Christmas! Have a great week!

Sister Brittany Hunt

Monday, December 5, 2016


Hello Everyone!

We had a good week! The weather has been nice and it has been fun finding some opportunities to serve and inviting others to serve for #LIGHTtheWORLD. I attached the calendar so you can do it with me if you'd like :) 

I loved the Christmas devotional last night! I have been thinking about the scripture story that was mentioned (in 3 Nephi), in which the people Christ visited prayed for the Spirit to be with them. President Monson noted in a past talk that the spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. I hope you each are finding opportunities to have that Spirit with you! 

Have a great week!
Sister Brittany Hunt