Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Hello Everyone! 

It's been a pretty good week! We got transfer news yesterday and Sister Alder and I will be staying here in Venice another transfer. Which means we'll both be here for Brighton's baptism!

Tuesday we went to visit a member who is working on coming back to church. We often meet on Tuesdays, and she's a little further north than we usually drive because of our mile allotment. We got there, and she didn't come to the door. We gave her a call, but she had left her phone out (so we were closer than she was). Finally, I said a quick silent prayer on the doorstep that the dog would bark so we could keep the appointment and not have to drive all the way back. Just then, the dog barked and came running out, followed by the sister we came to visit. Prayers are answered! It was a good visit, and we'll be going back tonight.

Wednesday and Thursday we had an exchange, and I was up in Sarasota with Sister Felt. I've now been in 3 areas with her (which is all of her areas). We read the Book of Mormon with some of the young women in the ward. We promised each of them that they could receive an answer to a question they had been pondering while we read. Each started with a prayer. Two of the three were a little more hesitant, but accepted the challenge. They each picked where they wanted to read (one randomly opened, one used the index, and one picked a chapter from a book she liked). I watched as each, no matter the question, was able to find her answer. It built my faith that the Book of Mormon answers questions, and our Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

Memorial day was great yesterday! We tried contacting on Venice Island, where more people would be out for the holiday. We met a nice older veteran, Patrick, who had met with missionaries years ago, and had been meaning to go to church but never did. We talked with him about the importance of the family and how God designed families in order to bless us. He said he'd come to church and meet with us again this week.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Brittany Hunt

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