Monday, July 17, 2017


Hello Everyone!

It's been a crazy last few weeks! We had zone activity day a few weeks
ago, then it was 4th of July, then Sister Alder went home. So I've
been busy!

Sister Alder was an awesome companion and I miss her, but she is going
to do great things at home! Sister Felt and Sister Swanson (past
companions) also went home this transfer. They've each been great
examples to me.

With Sister Alder going home, I assumed I would be staying in Venice
and receiving a new companion. Instead, Venice closed this transfer
and I transferred up to Citrus Ridge (in Davenport) which is the exact
opposite corner of the mission. Sister Felt's companion (Sister
Saunders) and I packed up the whole Venice apartment, transitioned all
the people we were teaching to the nearest missionaries, and got on
the road in about a day and a half. That was a miracle! Sister
Saunders is a saint.

My new companion here in Citrus Ridge is Sister Jensen! She is from
Utah and we are guessing she will finish her mission here since she
goes home 2 transfers after me. She's been sick this week, so we've
mostly been inside.

Today we went shopping with some members. They are so nice and take
the missionaries every week to save miles.

Since Sister Jensen has been under the weather, I've had some
additional study time this week. My favorite was the insight I gained
in Moroni. He is the last one from his civilization, and yet he holds
on to hope and teaches future generations about the Holy Ghost, or
Comforter, which must have been a great strength to him.

I hope you are all doing well! Feel free to email :)

Sister Brittany Hunt

(Pictures: Sister Alder and I on a "Sisters" bench, Sister Saunders is the redhead that helped me pack up, Sister Jensen is my new companion)

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